Expand Your Game And Join WCA's BJJ Team!

You have the experience, now let us take your game to the next level and expand upon your style! Our BJJ team will take you across Michigan to compete with a solid team at your back. We also host in house competitions to save you the drive! We take our BJJ team very seriously and work together to bring home the gold everywhere we go. Join us, and let's get you some more gold as well as great memories to mount on your own wall!

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How To Begin:

1.) Book an Intro Below 
     -This allows us to meet you and set you up for      success in our program
2.) Decide What Membership Works For You
      -Click HERE to view our pricing/schedule
      -We are a card ONLY gym, no cash payments
      -We will get you signed up at the front desk before/after class!
3.) Pass The Tests!
      -Achieve Rank II In WCA's system (ask an instructor)
4.) Start Competing!