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About our:

Beginner Program

Our Beginner classes are the absolute best way to start your Martial Arts Journey. Whether you are primarily interested in Striking, Grappling, or MMA, we believe everybody should get their feet wet in a little bit of it all. Just knowing what else is out there will improve your overall experience. We STRONGLY suggest attending our Beginner Classes first, and then passing the "Novice Test" before heading into our Regular Classes.

The Novice Test is a set of 24 essential techniques to get you started on your martial arts journey. You will receive a packet to help you keep track of these techniques. 8 Striking Techniques, 8 Wrestling Techniques and 8 Grappling Techniques. If you are able to demonstrate that you have a fundamental understanding of these 24 techniques and are able to perform them correctly, you will pass your Novice Test and be welcomed into our Regular Classes.
For those of you that have aspirations of competing under the WCA Banner someday, the 5:30pm Beginner class is split between Novices and the Intermediate Group.

The Intermediate Group is for people that want to rank up far beyond Novices in the WCA Ranking System. You can access the Intermediate group only after completing the Novice Test.

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